Pub Quiz Machine

Pub Quiz Machine

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Why not put it to the test by using this professional pub quiz software based upon the familiar 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' format. The rules are very simple - just answer as many questions as you can before you run out of lives and lifelines.

Like its television inspiration, the Pub Quiz Machine pits you against trivia question after trivia question and with over 5000 questions in over 50 different categories its unlikely you'll ever run out of new challenges. To make sure that you never get asked the same question twice, you can also download more questions from the web-site.

Pub Quiz Machine


Pub Quiz Machine

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  • adil j s

    by adil j s

    "my opinion"

    the quiz is really superb. the presentation and layout are great. the colors and graphics are pretty decent. . More.

    reviewed on October 11, 2009